Play Paintball! Colorado- also home of the Colorado Paintball Club

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An independent on-line source for information on local events, useful links, and a place to be a part of the Colorado paintball community. Find our website at Think of PPC as the Yellow Pages for Colorado paintball information... your one stop shop to find all things paintball in the state of Colorado, including; comprehensive databases on Colorado paintball fields, shops and teams, as well as a complete calendar of all in-state paintball events. PPC, here to support the Colorado paintball community.

CPC- Colorado Paintball Club
The CPC is a statewide organization of players committed to the promotion of safe and responsible play of the sport of paintball while exhibiting the highest level of sportsmanship to others. We're out to help the sport in our state and to bring together like-minded players who share this same perspective on what paintball is all about... having fun and keeping it safe. Head to the PPC website under 'CPC' for more info on joining the club or visit the clubroom here on the PPC Forum for visiting with club members. Note that you can also reach PPC through the club address

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